M D T E M G is now 35 years old!

A club formed in the county of Devon, England in October 1982 originally
"... to stimulate interest in all types of old vehicles and machinery."

Its members care for, restore and operate some of the iconic machinery that has helped Devon farming and country life over the last 100 years.

A 35th anniversary ditty, by Des Ransom

The club it started 35 years ago
with people of same interests with a place to go
From then it's expanded to a field or more, to a once a month meeting they open the hall door. 
With tractor, machinery and bits galore, parts and pieces strewn over the floor, 
its all put together ready to work. 
A working day on a farm with plenty of dirt. 
Hard work by the few, thanks to them for all that they do. 
So that is our club, the most successful around, 
At the end of year members pay their £10.